MBAのAdmission offeceから、MBA前に準備しておくべき内容について連絡がありました。


1、Reading 最新のビジネス情報を得ておくために、下記の雑誌や新聞を読むことを薦めています。

It will certainly help your studies if over the next few months you start to read about business and business-related issues. In particular, we would suggest that you read high quality business newspapers and online blogs, such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, the Bradford University School of Management blog (
), and the Harvard Business Review online (

2、MBAのlearning processを知っておくことが大切なため、下記の本を薦めています。

i) ": Skills for Mastering Management" by Sheila Cameron;

The MBA Handbook: Skills for Mastering Management/Sheila Cameron


ii) "MBA with Distinction: Developing a Systematic Approach to Success in Your Business Degree" by Caroline Gatrell and Sharon Turnbull;

Your MBA With Distinction: Developing a Systema…/Caroline Gatrell


iii) "The MBA Companion (Palgrave Student Companions Series)" by Paul Dainty and Moreen Anderson.

The MBA Companion (Palgrave Student Companions)/Paul Dainty


早速Financial TImesを購入し、ビジネスタームに慣れることと、最新のビジネス情勢を日々追っていくことにしました。